What Type Of Travel Adapter Do You Need?

Why Do You Need A Travel Adapter?

When traveling to different countries and continents you might get into trouble charging your smartphone and other devices if you don’t have the right travel plug. This why travel adapters were created, it allows you to travel anywhere in the world and not worry as you will always be prepared.

The Four Most Common Plugs

This Nimble is a small universal travel adapter that gives you comfort while travelling. You don’t have to worry anymore if you don’t have a plug that is compatible with the country as The Nimble is compatible with over 250 countries. 

UK Type - UK, Hong Kong

Bhutan / Botswana / Brunei / Cyprus / Dominica / England / Ghana / Grenada / Hong Kong / Iraq / Ireland / Kenya / Macau / Malta / Malaysia / Nigeria / Northern Ireland / Pakistan/ Qatar / Saint Lucia / Saint Vincent / Saudi Arabia / Scotland / Singapore / Sri Lanka / Tanzania / Uganda / United Arab Emirates / Wales / Yemen / Zimbabwe

EU Type - Most of Europe

Albania / Austria / Belgium / Bosnia-Herzegovina / Bulgaria / Cambodia / Croatia / Czech Republic / Denmark / Egypt / Estonia / Finland / France / Greece / Hungary / Iceland / Indonesia / Latvia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Macedonia / Montenegro / Morocco / Myanmar / Norway / Netherlands / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Russia / Serbia / Spain / Slovakia / Slovenia / South Korea / Sweden / Turkey / Ukraine / Vietnam

US Type - USA, Japan

American Samoa / Antigua and Barbuda / Aruba / Bahamas / Barbados / Belize / Bermuda / Brazil / Canada / Cayman Islands / Colombia / Costa Rica / Cuba / Ecuador / El Salvador / Guam / Guatemala / Haiti / Honduras / Jamaica / Japan / Laos / Liberia / Mexico / Micronesia / Montserrat / Nicaragua / Panama / Peru / Philippines / Puerto Rico / Saudi Arabia / Taiwan / Thailand / Venezuela

AU Type - Australia, China (mainland)

Argentina / Australia / China / Fiji / New Zealand / Papua New Guinea / Tokelau / Uruguay

Tips in Choosing the Best Universal Travel Adapter

1. Fast Charging - Choose the higher maximum amp, the higher amp output the better and fast charging. The maximum output per USB-A port is 2.4 amps, the max on the USB-C port is 3 amps, and if you’re using all five ports you won’t be able to charge every connected device at full speed—it’ll only give you that 5.6 amps output in total. Other travel adapters have a maximum output of 1840W at 230 volts and 880W at 110 volts. There is a hack on this but you don’t have to use USB port you have to use your own battery charger together with your cable capable of accepting maximum output. But if you don’t have your charger and you only have USB cable might as well use only one port if you want to fast charge your gadget. Otherwise it will slow your charging capacity.
2. Choose Fuse Enabled Travel Adapter – some other brands’ offer has replaceable fuses on their package with a spare and some don’t. These fuses have a maximum power rating, and therefore the adapters have a maximum wattage rating. But you shouldn’t be connecting anything with a high enough power draw to trip these fuses or think that it is just safe because the fuse will only blow and not your adapter.
3. 150 – 200 Countries – 150 -200 compatible countries are a lot of help in traveling. It maximizes your efficiency in charging your gadgets without any restrictions and inconvenience.
4. Multiple USB ports – Multiple USB charging is one of our needs in keeping your smart devices charged.
5. USB Type C – together with USB 3.1 both are made by the. USB Type C enhances the maximum functionality of a fast charging protocol system having 3A.
6. USB Power Delivery – it maximizes its wattage output up to 100W for charging of larger devices such as your laptop or switch
7. Quick Charge – it optimizes the capacity of a fast charging protocols up to a max power of 27W.